This is our story.

Our Story

It started with a GÜD idea.

At the start of the pandemic, the four of us cousins found comfort in ordering take-out food like most people. We realized how often our cutlery, bowls, and cups were made of plastic, a major contributor to marine litter and pollution. Food is a joyful and positive aspect of our daily lives that we want to continue to enjoy it, while we make positive changes.

The better way is simple.

We believe that better food packaging is where it starts.  We want to make it fuss-free and accessible, serving a variety of options for the food industry, made with nothing but compostable materials that can be converted into water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and biomass over time with the help of trusty microorganisms. With our profits, we also want to provide purposeful employment to the disability community. The way we see it, now is our time to do good by people and the planet.

The better way is güd.


With our profits, we hope to provide purposeful employment to the disability community.

Zero-Waste Living

Our products are 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable. They break down into biomass, CO2, and water in a landfill or home compost in 6 to 24 months.


Our products leave behind no toxins, harmful residues, and microplastics in the environment.


We always strive to do güd by the planet. Our efforts contribute to global efforts in climate action so that the place we call home stays inhabitable for future generations and the next.

Güd Deeds

We open our products to upcycling to reduce your waste. 

Building Blocks
Biobased Plastics
Organic Recycling
Renewable Resources

We make sure our products are ready for composting and you could do it too!

Biobased Plastics
Buried in Landfill
Enzyme Breakdown
Polymetric chains
Created C02, water and humus for plants